Friday, February 11, 2011

Asus Eee PC 1018P

Additional facilities fingerprint access, USB 3.0, and lightweight aluminum material into the main strengths of this netbook. Quite dizzy also witnessed a series made by Asus netbook that sometimes appears at once in several models (which actually resemble one another). Well in certain models, Asus accidentally brings a redesigned product with a revamp of interest such as the Eee PC series is 1018P. What are interesting? Overall, the cabinet structure 1018P is not much different from other models (1005, 1015, or 1016) which explores netbook features a sleek and lightweight.

Well in this series 1018P, Asus put on a strong lightweight aluminum material on the cover and keyboard palmrest area. You will easily feel the sensation of cold in this part due to the use of the material. Material like this is very good for heat spread from the netbook. The good, the use of aluminum does not necessarily make netbooks weight gets heavier. Another reshuffle in sailing netbook 10.1 "this is the availability of two USB 3.0 ports (marked with the color blue ports) that can reach 10x speed USB 2.0 previously. For those who like to transfer large files (from flash or external hard drive), would have helped a lot via the presence of SuperSpeed connection like this.

Another auxiliary facilities also appear via the fingerprint detector near the keypad. Although the security function is rarely used of people, at least make 1018P completeness become more special than a netbook general. For those who are often online with immediately, the presence of typical facilities Asus Instant-On will be very useful. Here has been available for menjelahi Internet browser application, agenda / schedule of tasks, folders photos, games lightly, until the antivirus service. Unfortunately this system interfaces are still impressed stiff and slow. For those who are more skilled, upgrade to the latest version of the Cloud Gate Express will solve a problem like this

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