Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Canon EOS 1100D

After 18 months of intermittent since Canon launched the EOS 1000D, now his successor has been present with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel 1100D or T3. EOS 1000D itself the first time since his presence until recently has become economically DSLR camera is the favorite new beginners who plunge into the world of photography. Now EOS 1100D with targeted improvements here and there to take over his brother as an economical Canon camera for beginners.

Canon EOS 1100D has a similar design as its predecessor, with features of compact size and body material made of plastic. This camera comes with APS-C CMOS sensor resolution of 12 MP, has been supported by the DIGIC IV processor to support the security features is the ability to record High Definition video 1280 x 720 with 25/30 fps. For convenience in multimedia support, Canon also includes an HDMI port on this camera.

Although intended as a cheaper and less sophisticated cameras other more expensive cameras, but the EOS 1100D is a basic feature that is sufficient for the size digital SLR cameras, such as wearing 9 point AF, ISO up to ISO 6400 capability and the ability to burst as fast as 3 frames per second. But the features it has, the most special is wearing a new metering module which was first introduced in the EOS 7D and EOS 60D 63-zone iFCL sensor, which means Intelligent Focus, Color, and Luminance metering.

With the selling price is quite economical (6 million plus lens kit 18-55mm IS Mark II), Canon would do some 'savings' in the production of this EOS 1100D. One  is to use 2.7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 230 thousand pixels only. But one thing is rather unfortunate, as did Canon in the first 1000D, Canon still negate features 'spot metering' on the EOS 1100D is though that we are sure not including a cost saving measure.


  1. gan yang SRl canon 1100 D berapa gan ?

  2. untuk harga nya brapa gan canon 11oo D nya?


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